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A resource to encourage and assist churches to develop creative thinking around the potential and the missional use of buildings.

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Conference Planning

We are in the process of planning further online conferences and we would be glad to receive suggestions for subjects that churches would find helpful. 

Please send any comments to [email protected] 

Buildings Forum Online Conferences

Living Stones for a Living Church Webinar

Living stones for a living church webinar

The URC Buildings Forum Webinar is hosting a two-part webinar, ‘Living stones for a living church: buildings for the ministry of Mission’.

Part one takes place on 21 May and part two on 4 June, both at 7.30pm.

Part one will include The Revd Dr John P. Bradbury as the keynote speaker to address how we may best use our building and assets for mission and ministry, particularly within the context of the Church Life Review and its outworking. Plus, the opportunity to discuss, hear questions and positive ideas about facing the challenges churches have.

Part two will include a video of examples and a presentation about North Western Synod’s strategy “A Church with people at the margins: a strategy for mission and ministry” that other churches and synods may wish to draw upon.

To register for either or both seminars please email the Mission Team.

Previous Conferences

Since the start of the Covid Pandemic we have used online conferences as a way of sharing the work of the Buildings Forum. 

The first of these was on April 19th 2021 when the General Secretary of the URC gave the keynote address.

The latest conference recording, from 26 September 2023, is viewable to the right, or via the URC’s YouTube channel

All of our previous online conferences are viewable at:

Buildings Forum Conferences


Further Support

Mission and Buildings

The Mission and Buildings section helps explain the role that church buildings play in delivering our church Mission; it explores the theology of buildings and how to plan for changes.  

Information and Resources

This section is about sharing useful links and resources that can support redevelop/refurbishment plans. 


One of the keys to the success of the Forum is the sharing of good news and in particular, good ideas and tips on how to achieve them. In this section, you will find a collection of inspirational stories.

Good ideas and good news stories

One of the keys to the success of the Forum is the sharing of good news and in particular, good ideas and tips on how to achieve them. Please send in any stories along with photographs, video, tips or whatever for inclusion here.

The following link is to a video concerning the recent redevelopment at Mill Hill URC https://mhurc.blogspot.com/