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LEP's and Shared Buildings

Over time this page will contain information specifically intended to help Local Ecumenical Partnerships and URC churches involved in sharing premises with other churches access useful resources and information. Some of this already available on the CTE website. The Methodist/URC Liaison Group also regularly responds to buildings related questions and guidance will be placed here.


Sharing of church Buildings

Where can I find details of the Sharing of Church Buildings Act?

Information about this is on the CTBI website here​ and on the CTE Website here including a link to the document ‘Sharers, Guests or Tenants.’

Is having a shared building the same as being an LEP?

No, the two things are quite distinct but in the past, some churches have made the legal arrangement to enter into a shared building arrangement and have assumed that they have therefore become an LEP. The processes are quite distinct. A single congregational LEP worshipping in one building will need to have a legal shared building agreement but the legal processes are distinct.