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Since April 2021, the Buildngs Forum has met regularly, using online conferences as a way of sharing our work.

These well-attended events create a network of sharing and support and are an invaluable way of illustrating that none of us are alone on these journeys.

Details of upcoming conferences can be found below. Also available, are the recordings of previous meetings; these provide an invaluable resource as well as showcase the work of the Forum.

If you would like to be placed on a contact list please email us at [email protected]

Conference Planning

We are in the process of planning further online conferences and we would be glad to receive suggestions for subjects that churches would find helpful. 

Please send any comments to [email protected] 

Recordings of Previous Meetings

September 26th 2023

‘Working Towards Net Zero’

Recording of the ‘Working Towards Net Zero’ conference from 26 September 2023, which covered the latest news and updates from the URC’s Net Zero Task Group.

May 24th 2023

Our Buildings in Community The Conference explored the various ways in which we use our buildings to reach out to our communities. We were joined by Roo Stewart (programme officer for Church and Society; JPIT), Aftab Mughal (from the Community Harmony Project, Blackburn, in NW Synod and a member of Mission Committee) and Anne Sardeson (minister for Southminster URC in Eastern Synod, currently developing a community hub in Southminster URC in partnership with the parish church and local civic and voluntary groups). All three emphasised the unique, faith-driven role of the church in supporting their communities, making us distinct from a secular community centre.

November 15th 2022

The conference primarily looked at the experience of two synod moderators with two local church projects.

The coinference included a video from Revd David Coleman, the URC Eco Chaplain in Scotland speaking about the URC’s environment policy.

May 25th 2022

‘Living the Life of Jesus’ through our buildings.

The conference was led by Simon Peters in his role as coordinator of the Walking the Way project.

October 14th 2021

The conference looked at environmental issues in relation to church buildings.

July 21st 2021

The conference focused on the missional aspects of church buildings.

April 19th 2021

This was the first of our online conferences, when the General Secretary of the URC gave the keynote address.